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“Marghzar” is an airy place in Swat district, about 12 kilometers from the central city of Mingora. Tourists not only visit the meadow because of its natural beauty and mild climate, but also visit the White Palace (1941), a historic Swat-era building located there. White Places Swat – Swat Tourist Attractions

But very few people know about the White Palace that its first name was “Moti Mahal”

(Badshah Sahib’s great grandson) says that ‘In fact Badshah Sahib had gone to India where one day he passed through the area of ​​Rajasthan. There they saw white marble. ۔ The king saw the palace of the then Maharaja of Rajasthan in which the same white marble was used. The king could not help but be impressed by the palace. Later the same white marble was brought from Jaipur.

The White Palace is also historically famous for its decisions on the future of its subjects during the state period.

According to Shehar Yar Amir Zeb Bacha, when the palace was built, government affairs were settled in Marghzar instead of Saidu Sharif in summer. In other words, Saidu Sharif, the capital of Swat state used to thrive in winter and white palace in summer.

A closer look at the main building reveals that it has a dining room, a dining hall, a meeting room and a king’s own room. In addition, two or three levels of rooms have been made in its premises. When the king would turn to the meadows in the summer, his ministerial adviser and Khan Khawanin would accompany him. In the rooms built on the second level, these were the ministers, advisers and Khan Khawanis, and in the rooms built on the third level, there were family members.

Adjacent to the king’s bedroom is a room reserved for his special guests.

The White Palace is in a way a “summer palace.” Its construction began in 1930. The white marble used in it was brought from Bhopal. It is a masterpiece of Victorian architecture. It was the first building of its kind at that time. Some of the experts involved in the construction were from Bhopal and some from Attock. The building has three sections. Part of the palace was reserved for the king. The second part, for which the stairs had to be climbed, was reserved for VIP personalities and the third and final part was reserved for women and Englishmen, while the backyard of the palace was reserved for cooks and other servants.

Tourists visiting here get to see not only the beauty but also the culture and history of the place. Therefore, tourists can enjoy the history of the state as well as the charming weather and magical scenery of Marazar.

Undoubtedly, tourists carry the memories of this beautiful place of Pakistan in their minds and keep adding these memories in the colors of their lives. White Places in swat

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