What needs to be prepared before tourism in the snow?

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snowIf you want to visit any of the northern areas of Pakistan nowadays, you also want to visit the snowy areas with your friends or family and enjoy the snowfall directly, then today you must follow some instructions. So that you can keep your family safe. If it is going to snow again in the next few days, then this report is a must read.

What precautions should be taken during the winter season?

Number 1: Make sure the tires are in good condition while traveling. And reach the snowy areas and put chains on the tires and drive in small gears while driving and don’t use the brakes if your car slips.

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with current traffic maps of the area you are visiting on Google Maps or the relevant channels of the traffic police. Take care of the matter. Do not pick up snowballs during snowfall.

And carry a blanket with you, and extra socks can save you from getting sick
Use rubber boots to minimize the risk of slipping.

To treat minor ailments caused by the cold weather, the physician who advised you to take Panadol and Vox together and use them as needed, said that the Korana epidemic has spread so try to relieve the pain. Check with a doctor if you feel like it. For emergency medical services

Be sure to call 1122 and especially if there is a lot of lubrication in the snow, turn the car back or go to the nearest hotel and use the heater in the car to a minimum.

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