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Trail 5 Islamabad

Last year Start a Trail 5 Islamabad. There will be many governments in the world who are in charge of licking the green trees and herbs of Margalla hills  word with the latest technology like Islamabad. In order to restore health in the forest area and thus together we have created a platform for hiking here with the help of which you can walk in the forest and it has become a place of entertainment and people walk. The purpose is that people can go on their daily commute and there is a good train. If I could tell you a little bit about my story, then Muhammad Imran and my friend Mudassar Ji made the program. That we intend once and we are seven in the morning About five o’clock on the day Trail 5 Islamabad then there we were very sad and after that we got pregnant for a month. Hiking is three to four to five kilometers. The heart turned and mom stopped us there for a while and then we started walking slowly like about a kilometer of it then we saw another waterfall there as well as a lot of monkeys camped inside Carrie. There was a windfall and from there we used to do the setting but about fifteen to twenty minutes below we reached the base camp. It is very difficult and most people can’t get there but what most people do is go for adventure. The Trail 5 Islamabad came for an hour and then after about half an hour we came back down again. We came to Islamabad and ate at the point. The Trail 5 Islamabad is very beautiful and beautiful.You can watch this video from one of us.

Trail-5 and other Margalla trails as these mountain trails are my primary exercise area. Trail-5 like other Margalla Trails can give you an elevation gain of 500 to 600 meters. It’s a network of five trails comprising Trail-5, Trail-5 A, Trail-5 B, Trail-5 C and Trail-5 Fire Lanes

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