Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Switzerland by Friends Travel

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland Every body knows the beauty of Switzerland. everybody thinking the swizz chocolate,swizz cheez,and clocks too. these are some of the things that you know about Switzerland. These land lock country is a haven for anybody. this place is dramatic for picture and sweepingly landscapes. it middle of Alps mountain. this is very beautiful place for visitor. Switzerland have small place but whole place is very beautiful and act active place. visitor feel a very difficult to move one place to another place because Switzerland’s border is too close. Alps is mountain in Switzerland. in this mountain have snow failing in season. this country’s people have so kind heart. respect the others and help every one. every man have a wish to visit this country and enjoy the life. this place having picture and many more so beautiful places. Germany ,itly, France and Australia have border to close the Switzerland. in this country have many villages lusanne, zurich, Geneva.

1# Interlaken


Interlaken The town is situated on the flat alluvial land called Bodeli between two lakes, Brienz to Thun , and alongside the river Aare, which flows between them. this is very beautiful place of switzer land. Interlaken is important and very well-known tourist’s destination. The Swiss Alps, and the centre transport gateway to the mountains and lakes of that region. in this city many languages are spoken. Deutsch, Espanol, Bahasa, Indonesia, Bahasa, Melayu,

2 # Lucerne


Lucerne is a city in central Switzerland , in this country portion of speaking German language of the country. this city population almost is 82000 people.

Lucerne is very famous for new residents. this city hosted a its own annual play, this play was 12 hour long. in this city a bridge this is very attract fool and beautiful. This bridge wooden made. This bridge and many other beautiful places destination for tourists.

3 # Bern


This is capital of Switzerland , Bern, also slept Bern city. this is situated the Aare River to along a narrow loop . this city is so beautiful for tourists. this city is found in 1191 as a soldier post on the frontier between the German-speaking Alemanni and the French-speaking inhabitants of Burgundy. After the extinction of the Zahringen’s family (almost 1218), Bern became a free imperial city.

4 # The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls

This Rhine falls is very long and very beautiful falls this water falls is situated in Switzerland this is very powerful water fall in Europe. this falls locate high rhine on this falls wide and high 150 metres , 23 metres this falls worms made their way and you can easily climb on falls on this way.

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