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The capital of Switzerland is Bern. this is historical location. combination of parks,palaces, and garden in bern city its offering you beautiful seen this is so scenic city for everyone. You never imagine its a more picturesque great destination. if want see the waterfront view then you go River Aare. You are relate any feild ( a science nerd, an an Art fan, or nature love) this city waiting for your welcome. Top Tourist Attraction Points in Bern.

1 # Zentrum Paul klee

Zentrum Paul klee

Structure of the Zentrum Paul Klee is a undulating staggering landmark , But, it continues to impressing you. The world’s most impressive collection of art from Paul Klee is The Zentrum. bthe Klee’s work Expressionist Surrealist and Cubist pieces are. they are largely influenced by bauhaus designs and architecture.

2 # Historical Museum in Bern

Historical Museum

Switzerland’s are Biggest museum in bern this is historical museum.The exhibits of museum trace the history of Switzerland. While there are countless exhibits in this museum. be sure to see out Burgundy Tapestries and the Elaborate Gold and Silver collections from the 16th through 18th centuries.

3 # Gurten


All people who living in Locals Areas in Bern they known the Gurten Hill as one of the most , relaxing,scenic and many sunny spots in the city. However, too many tourists skip over it. this is a largest hill just outside the city, its offering you spectacular views. you can admire the city From one side, and from other side you can spot the Bernese Alps.

4#  Einsteinhaus


Between Almost 1903 and 1905 Albert Einstein lived in kramgasse no. 49 in the center of bern. He lived with his wife Mileva and his son hans. In this particular home during his stay, he wrote the Annus Mirabilis papers which were wiotal to the founding of phsics s we know it today. The apartment of Einstein can be toured, and it is furnished with deco and furniture suitable for the year almost 1905. you easily can explored Einstein’s history and his connection to Bern and Switzerland as a whole.

5# Bear Pit

Bear Pit

The local legend says , the name Bern is derived from the word for bear, and bears have long played an important role in the history and culture of this city. Instead the bear habitats have been drastically enlarged, and you might spot the bears swimming or cooling down in the river Aare.

6 # Federal Palace

Federal Palace

the Federal Palace of Switzerland, is where both the Swiss Federal Assembly and the Federal Council convene in this building. The two wings house the two of Government’s Branches,clearly making the Building one of the most Important in this Country. this is Built in the 19th century, the Bundeshaus is a very beautiful structure that also holds the honor of being the seat of one of the world’s first modern democracies. if parliament is not in session, then it is possible to tour the federal building.

7 # Rosengarten

Rosengarten bern

If you are planning to spend many time in the Old Town of Bern , then you’ll definitely want to stop in at the Rosengarten This is very beautiful garden. This is small urban park this is located on top of a small hill, Which means exceptional views over the city below of Bern. in this garden You’ll find more than 200 varieties of roses,not to mention nearly as many types of irises and even a collection of rhododendron. in this garden also a smalls children’s playground for the kids, and there are even a lovely restaurant where you can sip a coffee, dine on a light lunch and watch the city’s hustle and bustle of Bern above.

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