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Switzerland largest city is Zurich. Zurich financial sport to Switzerland. If you go there you catch trains for any where going. If you have to go anywhere, you have to take the train in a few minutes. in the center of the city many rivers and a beautiful lake and supreme water for swimming is. in Zurich city have very beautiful and privy shops for tourist. there is very cool nightspots at Altstadt. Top Tourist Attractions in Zürich.

1 # Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich

Zurich lake a long and curved crescent shaped. many ways to the most of the lake. lakeshore one of a network of walkways around the plotted in almost 1879s.

2 # Museum Art

Museum Art

Museum Art Near the Schauspielhaus Zürich have Museum Of Art. in this museum are pieces from the almost 1201s to the 1999s in a collection. in this city many monument you can including in your curiosity , if you viewing work of this art i have many name of this work mention work name Ferdinand hodler’s romantics pieces etc. In this city a great deal for international Art.Best attraction point in zurich.  10 top of zurich places is 08.Town Hall 09.Museum Of Fine Arts 10.Play on lake

3 # Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo

350 Above different animal live in Zurich Zoo. Animals live to their own environments as of leopards lived in snow and penguins live chilly water.if you want to watch the asian elephant family you can go KAENG KRACHAN ELEPHANT PARK, you easily see their babies and play with. in this park trains available in working position.

4 # St.Peter’s Church

St.Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church South of the Lindenhof in the part of the Old Town , stands on a little hill. this is oldest Parish church. it has situated in romanseque choir under the church’s tower with their three-aisles and galleries. Upper in this church a largest clock dial , this clock diameter almost 8.6 meters.

5 # Bellerive Museum

Bellerive Museum

applied arts the unbelevabl broad collections in the Bellerive make it Switzerland’s most important museum. in this bellerive having a exhibition. in this exhibition display these explore various topics and themes. you see many pics of various historical time.

6 # A Confectioner’s Café.

This cafe was opened in almost end of 1856, and now days confectioner’s café is very famous in this city’s people, this is favorite stop for every tourist and local tourist. if you look at the stacks of temptations those placed in window So you’ll drawn insided beacuse this placed nicly, this is very beautiful for eyes your eyes will be happy when see ,this is called luxeburger.

7 # Christmas Markets of Zurich

If you go month of December then you see streets and squares and trains stations are very filled with kiosk selling holiday food there people work very hard for decorations , paking of gifts. in middle of stalls ready a christmas tree a pyramid shaped platform of evergreen there childs a sing christmas carols. In this market a huge level of lighting made there own candles for christmas everyone participate in this time. In the meantime, if you’re hungry, you’ll need to head to Boat ride, on Lake Zurich

8 # Rietberg Museum

This museum villa modeled on the Villa Albani in Rome. this villa was made in almost 1857 for a german industrialist and was a meeting point for Zurich intellectuals. this villa sight is very beautiful its situated in RieterPark and this garden have walking paths

9 #  Grossmunster

Great minster standing above the river . they have twin towers, this made in 11th and 13th centuries almost. The upper level of the towerdate almost is 1487 but domed tops were add in 1782. In top of south tower figure of Charlemagne, people believed to have belonged to this tower.

Old Town Altstadt. if you say Zurich city a large and beautiful city It would not be wrong . Altstadt have medieval modern streets in this city concentrated many cultural points , nightlife and many shopping points. If you go to this city, you will bring back many memories. National museum of Swiss. if you want to see a big collection of historical artifacts please you go this museum. and if you want see country past then also you go this museum this will b guide your trip. Top Tourist Attractions in Zürich.

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