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It is one of the smallest countries in the world and England is one of the best places to visit. And as the cornerstone of the UK is the UK and Scotland and Northern Ireland, England which has been the center of government for centuries as well as countless important historical events that you can visit Top Cities in England.

Take a leisurely stroll through one of its many cities and towns or visit its beautiful and scenic areas and you will find yourself in a number of attractions and travel programs. I can make the most of it and visit our list of easy-to-discover cities in England. And today we are going to take you on a tour of the cities of England. 10 Top Cities in England – Best Places in UK – Friends Travel

1 # London City


London is the capital of the United Kingdom, a 21st century city dating back to Roman times, with Parliament in between and the famous Big Ben and Clock Tower and the coronation of the famous Westminster Abbey King. You can’t go to London at this time without spending time and it is not recommended. Getting there is not surprisingly easy.There is a double decker bus which is very popular and taking a taxi is another great experience and you will visit many famous places of the past including Westminster along with Tower of London and neighboring Taro Bridge Buckingham Palace. And there are so many beautiful places to see.

2 # York


York City is a walled city in England founded by the ancient Romans and has 13th century stained glass and a bell tower in York Munster and its center. In addition, the city walls make a walk on both sides of the river Aws. The Monk Bar Gate also houses the 14th-15th-century Plantgent King Richard and is a beautiful city that is a tourist attraction and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in England.

3 # Bath


Bath is a traditional heritage and modern culture and full of green places and wonders and is a very beautiful city and this city was built for pleasure and relaxation and it has been a beautiful welfare place and ancient Roman baths. And the water is a beautiful attraction in both the hands-on spas in the completely modern Thar. There are also natural springs where you can bathe. The bathroom is full of places to eat and drink and there are many independent shops in the UK that make it ideal for the city and soak up the magnificent collection of museums and galleries here. The magnificent honey colors and architecture of the baths are directly from Jane Austen’s novels. Here are circus evenings. People from outside the city come to see it. Is.

4 # Canterbury


Canterbury is a beautiful city in England, although in fact evidence of Roman settlement can be seen here. There is also a museum here and it is always crowded with tourists and Canterbury Cathedral. It is located in southeastern England and has a medieval shrine and ancient walls that were originally built by the Romans.
There are a lot of wooden houses here.

5 # Oxford City

Oxford City

Oxford is a city located in the south of England and originated in the 12th century and revolves around the university and the poet Matthew Arnold because of the architecture in many colleges here. The city is known for its beauty

6 # Durham


Durham is a beautiful city in northeastern England, south of Newcastle upon Tyne. Here the river flows around the Romanesque Dream Cathedral and Norman Durham Castle. And to the north of the palace is a 13th-century medieval crocodile and garden house. It is a beautiful city situated on the banks of a river and on the other side of the river is the University of Durham and there is also a museum which exhibits antiquities in Asia and Egypt and within this city of England. The city is one of the most beautiful cities.

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