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Toli Peer

Toli Peer is a very beautiful tourist spot of Rawalkot. It is about half a kilometer away from Azad Jamu Kashmir . It is at an altitude of 8,850 feet from here. The special thing about Toli Peer is that it rains a lot on us in the months of June and July and every place here. The special thing about Toli Peer is that Rawlakot is in Azad Kashmir and it is about 4 hours from Islamabad. Located at a distance is Aurat Walipur. Lots of best message AC and Toli Peer if you want to know What is special about Toli Peer is that it snows again in winter and BBC Urdu and white chador saves it everywhere. It shows that a Kashmiri people have paid a visit to one of the most hospitable Toli Peer on many roads, but the people of Road Khanna resort to you and discount. August can go and besides that many roads are closed to the brother but a lot of people go here and these good breed stray dogs go to nature but there is always a rush of tourists. Stay tuned and this is a very nice night. Toli Peer Rawlakot

Toli Peer Monday has become one of the five points. It is heartening to go if the weather deceives you at any moment. Even if it rains, it bothers you a lot, but don’t worry, you can take any child with you. You get a companion equal to Rs. 150 per liter. You can also take it with you. It is located on a high peak and cannot be compared to this and the other. The three mountain ranges in the obligatory work can be done. The stomach was very positioned that the Line of Control makes sense of the existence of electricity after the ceasefire or one who is a damp candidate does not know whose it is and used to come to print some time ago but still here every It takes time. If you have to go locally, you can go from Islamabad to Rawalpindi, from Rawalpindi to Rawalpindi. Towels can be worn, Toli Peer Rawlakot.

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