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Shogran a beautiful place located in KPK of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it is the first trace point of Naran Shogran. There are a variety of amenities available. mobile signals are also available and it is mainly settled in the weather whether they sit and relax and in addition or rest houses etc. are built which is a very Beautiful and spot where millions of people go to Naran every year, first mention of Shogran Naran. Hobby is the most expensive. sery Shogran Most beautiful.  It is surrounded by mountains but its fall is an example of Isaac and there is a normal coolness here in summer which people come from all over the world to enjoy but when it snows here in winter it is very difficult. Yes, but you can go to Shogran on your car or on your bike. The journey from Sugar to Sari Pai is about half an hour, but you can go by hacking on foot. It costs Rs. 4,000. The price of Night City is Rs. 57,000. The food is also very expensive or there are all kinds of hotels. I have to go to Last year or if I agree to go to them or at least hotel  is not less than 3 thousand rupees and hand treatment is. Apart from walking around you can do well etc. Facilities Go to the government and this point Shogran which is known and does not want to come back. Shogran (Urdu: شوگران‎) is a hill station situated on a green plateau in the Kaghan Valley, northern Pakistan at a height of 2,362 metres.

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