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Ratti Gali Lake

One of the most beautiful places in Azad Kashmir is Ratti Gali Lake which is also known as Ratti Gali Lake . Your Ratti Gali Lake precious road is very charming and beautiful in itself and it attracts you to it. Ratti Gali Lake one of the beautiful lakes of Neelum Valley which has a very prominent place. Here you feel as if you have gone to paradise. Boats come here every year. Women take a view of the lake In another specialty of the lake, let me tell you, people come to this mountain to offer sacrifices and it is estimated that the number of tourists is very high and amulet, then this lake made of scenery is its own example, our beloved northern regions. It is a beautiful gift of nature that presents amazing landscapes and it is becoming a center of attention. It has also received a lot of crimes internationally. It goes to the highest lakes. If you want to visit it, the special thing about the TV channel in your trip to Azad Kashmir is to go here now and don’t watch it. When Neelam Valley comes, it is in our heart. Located at an altitude of 12,130 feet above sea level, Ratti Gali Lake is very beautiful where a For two months since then, there has been a lot of snowfall here, due to which the roads are closed. naleem valley tour 

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