Pindi Point Murree – Pindi Point Chair Lift – 2022

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Pindi Point is the most beautiful place to see in Murree. It is about 15 minutes walk from Mall Road where you can see beautiful scenery of lush green trees. It is colder than other places. There is more and the main thing here is the chair lift and from here you can see the whole view of Pindi city and the chair lift goes from here to Bansra gali which has a ticket for about five hundred rupees. Pindi Point, Murree – Pindi Point Chair Lift – 2022

All the tourists who come on Murree Mall Road must visit Pindi Point and enjoy the chair lift. This point is called Pindi Point Murree and it is always crowded with tourists.

There are small food stalls here. From where you can eat and drink anything and the biggest thing is that there is also a shuttle service that allows you to go back to the Mall Road and from there there is a shuttle service to Pindi Point which costs about forty rupees. It charges rent and the lush green mountains on all sides make you pull towards it.

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