Neelum Valley – Top Tourist Destination of Kashmir

neelum valley

Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley is the most beautiful valley in all of Pakistan. Janat Nazeer Valley This wedding is a district of Azad Kashmir about five to six or seven hours away from Islamabad which borders three districts of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Go and meet while moving to the other side and meet from Khyber KPK in the west and the last stop of Neelum Valley is Wat. We enter Kashmir or you can see the beautiful river Neel flowing in Neelum Valley. You will start to see a beautiful place of the valley and in some of its sura places such as Athmaqam Karen Upper Neelam Dorian Rati Gali Jail Shahdara’s Long  Toba Oppo Places Choi Neelam is one of the most beautiful places in Delhi while the first place is Mani Falls. The biggest thing here is that more than 150,000 tourists come to Neelum Valley every year and the number of O is increasing every year. Laser The beauty of this place is cold and lovely weather here or very much in winter. It snows. In winter, you are barred from entering Neelam Valley. If you think it is a paradise, it will not be less. Ali’s second name is Switzerland. Beautiful place then Sharda then comes Rati Gali Lake. Now I will tell you that you can go here and you can also go in your car. The road here is very beautiful and clean road and From the beginning to the end, it is frozen to make points from place to place that show you that you have come to a paradise-like valley. Muzaffarabad is on the other side of Neelam. What are you doing? The weather is pleasant and there is heavy snowfall in winter. The conditions are very good as far as the location is concerned. You can take it but one way beyond Sharda. The best place in it is Neelam. Neelam Valley is you. Neelam Valley is yours. If I tell you something, if you stay there and don’t stay seven, you can’t pick it up. If you keep walking along the river Neelam, It flows away. It keeps your beautiful feeling. The sapphire valley. There are many kinds of feelings. People talk and here people eat winter food and spend three to four months. Various photos have been made for the tourists and now all this is available for food and drink. Naleem Valley tour in pakistan

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