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Places to Visit in Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Azad Kashmir. And its name is Neelum river. And Kashmir is also called paradise. There is a contradiction that this valley was named after a precious stone called Neelam. And Neelum Valley is a very beautiful valley. Located in the Neelum Valley area and northeast of Muzaffarabad.

And they run parallel to the Kagan Valley. It is different from a blizzard-covered mountain and is 4,000 meters above sea level. About 370 of them are large And small villages. It consists mostly of hills and mountains and the valley has dense forests and rivers and this valley is very beautiful and attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad.

Muzaffarabad district of Neelum valley is located at a distance of 43 km and this area is very famous for its mines. Minerals are transferred from this specific area to other cities of Pakistan.

There is also the Line of Control where you can cross the bridge and meet your relatives twice a month on the other side of the bridge and it is a tourist fortress of the seventeenth century.
Neelam District is the largest northern region out of the ten districts under the administration of Azad Kashmir. Much of the Neelum Valley has a population of about 191,000 people and was most affected by the Kashmir earthquake.

It is bounded on the northeast by Diamer and Astor districts and on Gilgit-Skardu district, and on the southwest until it joins the Jhelum River at Muzaffarabad. Kishan Ganga before the division of Neelum Valley And was named Neelam village and it flows through the valley of Gurez in Indian-administered Kashmir. Neelam District was part of Muzaffarabad and consists of two tehsils with Aru as its headquarters and Sharda Tehsil Neelam District is the largest district of Azad Kashmir in terms of area and this valley extends for two kilometers along Neelam river Has happened and is generally a poor region and relies on agriculture and handicrafts here and the importance of tourism has been increasing tremendously in recent years. And it ranks 33rd out of 144 districts in terms of education in Neelum district and has facilities and infrastructure.

The structure is very nice and Neelum Valley is a very beautiful valley which can also be called paradise and there are ten big beautiful places to walk here and the first place is South Waterfall and then comes the place Kiran and Three hours later the village Sharda is very beautiful and apart from that there is a place called Kail and this place is very beautiful and green on all sides is green and there are green mountains and after that the last village is Tobat and its Then the part of India begins. Neelum Valley (Azad Kashmir) – Traveling Information Guide neelum valley tourist places 

Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley is the most beautiful valley in all of Pakistan. Janat Nazeer Valley This wedding is a district of Azad Kashmir about five to six or seven hours away from Islamabad which borders three districts of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Go and meet while moving to the other side and meet from Khyber KPK in the west and the last stop of Neelum Valley is Wat. We enter Kashmir or you can see the beautiful river Neel flowing in Neelum Valley. You will start to see a beautiful place of the valley and in some of its sura places such as Athmaqam Karen Upper Neelam Dorian Rati Gali Jail Shahdara’s Long  Toba Oppo Places Choi Neelam is one of the most beautiful places in Delhi while the first place is Mani Falls. The biggest thing here is that more than 150,000 tourists come to Neelum Valley every year and the number of O is increasing every year. Laser The beauty of this place is cold and lovely weather here or very much in winter. It snows. In winter, you are barred from entering Neelam Valley.

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