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Neelum valley tour is one of the most populous tourist destinations in Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is located in the north of Pakistan. Neelum valley is located in the north of Pakistan. Ceres presents the beautiful valley about 20 km from Muzaffarabad while the Neelam Neelum Valley Road is 100 km long starting from Muzaffarabad and the Line of Control between Pakistan and India is on the banks of the Nile. There is a beautiful valley in Neelum Valley Photography in it you come to them and Neelam Valley Tour from April to September the weather is very beautiful you It snows a lot so it snows and it is difficult to get here and it snows about five to seven feet inside Neelum valley if you go to Islamabad and love Muzaffarabad when you When you support the river Neelam A, you get a beautiful feeling and the river Neelam starts and turns deep and a beautiful color turns gray which is also the provincial color of the water which is auctioned by the river Neelum valley . The valley is also called paradise because it is so beautiful and so beautiful Pakistan is also called Switzerland, Neelum valley tour Pakistan.

1. Neelum Valley is located at the border between Pakistan and India. This valley is home to some of the world’s highest peaks including Nanga Parbat (8126 m), K-2 (8035m) and Broad Peak (8051m).

2. The river that flows through this valley is called the Indus River. It is the longest river in South Asia.

3. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. There are many ancient ruins along the banks of the river.

4. The valley was named after Lord Rama who lived here in his childhood. He later became known as Ram Rajya.

5. The valley is famous for its apple orchards.

6. The valley is also known for its beautiful landscapes.

Top Tourist Places in Naleem Valley

1 # Kutton Jagran Valley

Kutton Jagran Valley

Kutton Jagran Valley is also jagran valley a village & tourist hotel in Neelum valley Kashmir.

2 # Jagran waterfall

This waterfall is very very beautiful and most attractive places in nalem valley in azad kasmir.

Jagran waterfall

3 # Keran


Valley Neelam Azad Kashmir is a village in Pakistan. It is about a meter away from Muzaffarabad and located on the banks of the river Neelam. Village Karan

4 # Upper Neelum

Upper Neelum

The upper  Neelum is the northernmost of 10 districts located within the Pakistani-administered territory of Azad Kashmir.

5 # Sharda


sharda is best and small town in naleem valley azad kasmir pakistan It is one of the two tehsils of Neelum district, and is located on the banks of the Neelum river at an altitude of 1,981 metres.

6 # Wadi Sharda


Sharda Valley is a very popular tourist destination in Neelum. Sharda Valley is a very beautiful valley in Neelum and there are many hotels here and Sharda is one of the most beautiful places to see and here is the Sharda Temple and Sharda University and also every boating tour here. Some Sharda hoteliers also live along the Neelum river and there are green mountains everywhere.

7 # Kel , Arrang Kel

kel azad kashmir

8 # Taobat


Taobat is a village in Sharda Tehsil in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located 200 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and 39 kilometers from Kel.

9 # Athmuqam


It is located at a height of ten kilometers from Kundal Shahi and it is a great place for tourists who are interested in hiking and exploring the inner valley. Is famous Tourist Sights in Neelum Valley · Banjosa Lake · Ratti Gali Lake · Kutton Jagran · Kutton Valley · Sharda Valley Neelum Valley Tourist Attraction

10 # Ratti Gali Lake

Rati Gali Lake Neelam Valley is an amazingly beautiful and famous lake and it is 12,130 feet above sea level and the source of water of the lake is rivers which flow from glaciers and melt ice from the nearby mountain tops. ۔ Rati Gali Lake can be reached from a distance by jeep track and it is only 19 km long track. And this lake is very beautiful and its path is only open in May-June and the rest of the year it snows here and it is one of the beautiful places in Neelum Valley.

11 # Chitta Katha Lake

Chitta Katha Lake

Chitta Katha Lake is a lake which creates a strange feeling in the heart and it is located in Azad Kashmir Pakistan and it is located at an altitude of 13500 feet and this lake is sacred to Hindus and because it is this lake Is considered the abode of Shiva. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Naran Kagan.

12 # Shounter Velley

Schunter Valley is located about 34 km from Kell. Shunthar Valley is located on the last corner of Azad Kashmir. From Shunthar to Astor Chilas Gilgit can be reached on foot in about 12 hours. Schunter Valley has a beautiful and charming lake known as Schunther Hill. Schunter is located at an altitude of about 2800 meters above sea level.

Schunter is a beautiful place between the mountains. In the summer, thousands of tourists travel to the Shunter Valley. In the Schunter Valley, there is another beautiful, high-altitude hilltop hut.

Azad Kashmir Valley is the land of rivers and streams and rivers. Let’s go. You have green mountains everywhere. Sir Green was seen.  was in the rivers and roads. Azad Kashmir says Neelum also runs. Neelum Valley has become a place for many tourists where they can call the water that is available in jails. Daily Golden Ball Award for four moons and dense trees in Azad Kashmir Geno is number one on the list. If you go to Neelam Valley and fly to Nail, you may have missed a place in Pakistan if we compare the two. You will have a lot of trouble explaining or you will be able to compare with you that both are a tourist paradise. Tourists come from all over the world and here too. Tourist points are crowded with children and many tourists, but in the summer it is too much to say Neelum Valley Tour. Tourist Sights in Neelum Valley · Banjosa Lake · Ratti Gali Lake · Kutton Jagran · Kutton Valley · Sharda Valley · Kel · Arrang Kel · Sharda,

It is famous for its activities and the trout fish is famous here and it is the last stop at a distance of 165 km from Muzaffarabad. And on this route there is daily coaching and accommodation facilities are also available in the places of tourist attraction and thousands of tourists come here. Neelum Valley Tourist Attraction in Pakistan – Friends Travel , Neelum Valley Tourist Attraction, naran kaghan best traveling company by friends Travel 

Places to visit in Naran Kagan If you want to go for a walk in Naran Valley and enjoy the most beautiful places of Naran Kagan and enjoy the scenery, let me tell you the names of some nice and beautiful places that will make your heart beat faster. The garden will grow and you can’t live without Naran. Sugaran, Sri Paye, Kagan City, Naran, Lake Saif al-Muluk, Lulu Sir Lake, Pyala Lake and Babu Sir Top Lalazar are some of the most beautiful places. neelum valley lakes

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