Naran Kaghan Top Tourist Destination in Pakistan

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Naran Kaghan – Naran Kaghan is one of the most beautiful areas in the northern part of Pakistan which is rich in the beautiful province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. It is spread over an area of ​​about 165 km from Mansehra district. Naran Kagan Valley is about 240 km from Islamabad Rawalpindi in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and is one of the hottest tourist destination during summer vacation. Can be enjoyed and basically these are very attractive places like Sugaran Sri Paye and Lake Saiful Muluk and Babu Sir Top and the most beautiful lake is Lulu Sir Lake. And it is a great place to stay overnight and there are a variety of hotels and nightlife is very enjoyable. And here is a beautiful and natural lake for horse riding and jeep ride and Lake Saif al-Muluk.

And Naran and Murree are the most famous tourist destinations and these places are always crowded and there are many places in Naran which are heartwarming to see and Naran is one of the most beautiful places. Not second Naran is also called a tourist paradise and there are many tourist spots and lakes in Naran which once a person sees, his heart yearns to go to Naran again and Naran is closed for tourists in December and January. This is because four to five feet of snow falls here and the roads are closed but as soon as the April and May seasons begin. Naran kaghan Tourist Places.

1 # Shogran


Sugaran is a village situated at an altitude of 2362 meters above sea level in North Pakistan from Naran. The area around Sugaran is surrounded by huge forests and you can see the whole valley. Sugarcane is much cooler than the plains of Pakistan. Sugarcane can be used to ride a jeep or horse, and to visit scenic spots such as Lake Surrey Lake and Surrey Meadows.

2 # Siri Paye

Siri Paye

Sri Pai Sugaran is a very beautiful place in Naran which is a very dangerous road which is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and Sugaran is six kilometers two And this place is a very good place in terms of adventure. There are small hotels here and this place is only open in May and June and July and there are green mountains on all sides which are white snow all the time. There is also a spider mountain which is an example of its kind and would take a whole day to get here.

Saif ul Malook Lake

Babusar Top

Lulusar Lake


Ansoo Lake

Dudipatsar Lake


There is a list of good places to visit in Naran Kagan. You can also look at it. Naran and Kagan are two beautiful and green cities which are located in Pakistan and they are located in Mansehra district. It is located in the lush green mountains of the Himalayas, surrounded by deep alpine forests and has all kinds of facilities for tourists.

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