Naran Kaghan Valley Pakistan – Most Beautiful Valley -2023

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Tourism in Pakistan has increased tremendously over the last eight years and especially in the northern parts of Pakistan there are beautiful waterfalls and mountains which are not to be missed and if you want to tour the northern parts of Pakistan then we Contact Our company will take you on a tour of Naran kaghan with all facilities. From May 1 to December in Naran kaghan there is greenery everywhere and people stay here all week and enjoy Naran with their family. Kagan is a popular tourist destination like Murree and is also called the second Switzerland to Pakistan. Naran kaghan Valley Pakistan

Valley Naran kaghan is a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. It snows up to six feet in winter and the roads are closed. The highest peak here is Babu Sar Top. The valley is also called and its route is also very dangerous and Naran is considered as one of the best and tourist places in Pakistan where tourists from all over the world come to visit here. Naran kaghan Valley Pakistan naran kaghan tourist point

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