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Naran Kaghan Tour

Naran Kaghan Tour How to visit Naran Kaghan The most talked about tour in Pakistan Naran Kaghan is a small town which is one of the most amazing and enchanting areas of North Pakistan. And the Naran Valley is easily accessible to the most beautiful people in its vicinity and the river starts flowing from Mansira which is the valley of Kaghan. Sitting side by side and one of the most popular fruit activities is done on international waters. Other famous places in Kaghan Valley include wine which lies in the beautiful hills of Pakistan and also Babusar top which is about 72 meters high. And you have seen such a prison,Places to Visit in Balakot     10 -Naran Kaghan Tourist Places in Pakistan

Top places Naran Kaghan tour are:

1 # Shogran


Shogran  is a beautiful hill station located at a height of thirty to twenty meters above sea level in the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. There are all kinds of hotel lovers or you come here all the time because of all kinds of food and because of the young. best naran tourist point.

2 # Siri Paye

Siri Paye

This is what you should do in a beautiful place and this is a beautiful ground about 30 km hiking sound from siri paye. Mustard Sadat at an altitude of 28 km above sea level. This road is very dangerous. There is a lot of landslides here and there is a lot of snowfall in winter whereas in summer there is sura and sar sabz everywhere and from there you can see a mountain called Makra mountain hanging there. You can spend a whole day siri paye It snows too. Want to go to the place called siri paye.

3 # Makra Peak

Makra Peak

Today we talked about the spider mountain. On the way from Balakot to Naran you come to Sugaran and from there you find Siri on a jeep. From there you can see the white mountain which is also called Makra mountain. Its height is 3586 meters So you want a whole day so you can see it. This place is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and Makra Chhoti takes you three hours to walk and this route is difficult to cross.

4 # Lalazar


Lalazar is a very beautiful place. It is almost beyond Naran and you can also go through it through its weird curse. A wonderful station. If you haven’t seen them then maybe you have nothing. See the best landscapes and lush was the most sought after and the wonderful things about it are the signs of nature. For all to go to Naran and come here to spend a special day with them, you will have a lot of fun. get best naran tour point in pakistan.

5 # Saif ul Malook Lake

Saif ul Malook Lake

Lake Saif al-Muluk is a very beautiful lake and it is located in the National Park near the city of Naran and at an altitude of about 3224 meters above sea level and the special thing about this lake is that This lake is not only very beautiful but also attracts tourists all the time.

6 # Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake

About 48 km from Naran is the most beautiful lake on Babu Sir Road called Lulu Sir Lake and it is 11000 feet above sea level Lulu Sir Lake from which the river Kunhar flows and this lake is going to Babu Sir Top. On the way, Lulu Sar Lake is covered with a bouquet of blue and golden wild flowers. And this lake is one of the most beautiful places in Naran.

7 # Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake , also known as Dadi Pat Lake, is surrounded by snow-capped peaks in Lulu Sir National Park and is a very beautiful natural lake. Nakhwa is located in the main district of Mansehra and it takes a whole day to see it so that you can enjoy it well.

8# Babusar Top

Babusar Top

Babusar Top is also called Babu Sir Pass and it is a hill station of Pakistan which is located about 150 km away from Naran city and its road joins Chilas on Karakoram and this valley is Babusar Top one. It is a high place and even in summer the temperature is around 6 and it is difficult to stand for a long time because it is surrounded by snow even in the month of June and its road is very good and you can drive your car. You can go on or off the jeep and explore the place.

9 # Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake

Ansu Lake is an Ansu-shaped lake located in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and it is called Naran Kaghan valley and it is located at an altitude of 4245 meters above sea level It is considered one of the finest lakes and you can only see it in the months of May and June because it is covered in snow all the time.

10 # Pyala Lake

Pyala Lake

Anso Lake. Nowadays, in Karachi Pyala Jail and also in the city of Nam, you can find a hotel with them which has nitrate of two to three thousand rupees. You can stay with your family and Also Summit KB Naran Kaghan PC Kelly a little too much.

11 # Sharan Forest

Sharan Forest

Sharan Forest Valley is a magnificent and impeccable forest, also called Manshi Top. Located in KPK Pakistan, this is a beautiful new place and this place is very green and lush and to stay here the government has built guest houses and can also take tent service and it is a dense forest. This is one of the most beautiful places in Naran Kaghan which you can visit only in May, June and July.

It is a beautiful place where people get very hot and the season that lasts is from about mid-December to a month after that there is a lot of snow here so people don’t go to Naran for centuries. Roads are blocked and the most beautiful scenery in naran.

Naran Kaghan Tour is a beautiful small place for tourists. It is located close to Mansehra district. Naran Wadi is very close and has become a political center. You people go to Nadia Naran Kaghan to enjoy the cool. It is full of beautiful scenery and gives you a beautiful feeling. People are very peaceful by nature and some of the famous training routes are Gali Datti Lake and some of which have spider mountain ravines on which you can trek. There are places and valleys There are many more places to visit Kaghan. You can see about fifteen to twenty inside Naran Kaghan and you can come there. Every crop is available. If you want to get any kind of information, the numbers given by us. Naran Kaghan Tour by friends Travel. Naran Kaghan Tourist Places in Pakistan

Naran Kaghan FAQs

1 # When the road to Naran Kaghan Will open?

Naran Kaghan will open in the first week of April 2022, as glaciers will clear for all types of transport to reach Naran Bazaar.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Naran Kagahn?
The weather in Naran Kaghan is Ideal during the months of June to September The climate during this time is moderate, very pleasant making it the ideal visiting time for tourists.

Adventure Activities in Naran?

Hiking, Jeep Safari, Boating, Rafting.

What is the distance from Islamabad to Naran Kaghan?
Hunza is approximately 283 km from Islamabad.

Which is the Best Restaurant in Naran Kaghan?
Moon Restaurant is the most preferred Restaurant by the visitors and it can be called as one of the best Dine places in Naran Kaghan.

About Naran Kaghan Tour

Naran & Kaghan are the two excellent valleys situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and almost 285 kilometers from the Capital, Islamabad. Abbottabad and Mansehra are the two big cities down the way to Naran Kaghan.

The Beautiful Naran Kaghan becomes available the center of attraction in summers for all visitors, where tourists from all over Pakistan and some other countries’s people come here and seek to have the Naran Kaghan tour packages. All visitors wish to staying at this most beautiful place and want to see the whole scene of these beauty points all wish to see the all beauty of these two cities and all beauty points of Pakistan. Lush green valleys and sky-high mountains along with pure water of the mighty Kunhar River make the Naran Kaghan tour memorable.

We have compiled a list of different places to visit in Naran Kaghan and Naran Kaghan has three beautiful cities which are located in Mansehar District of Pakistan. The valley is situated in the lush green and lush mountains surrounded by dense jungles and there are hotels for tourists and there are many tourist attractions in Kaghan. Naran is full of natural beauty Popular in the world and millions of tourists come here every year and you can come here with your friends and family. Naran Kaghan Tourist Places in Pakistan

History of Naran Kaghan

The KPK’s Wadan Naran Kagan, famous for its history of the British colonial era, has been inhabited by many other peoples from the Stone Age to the present, such as the Awan Kashmiri period Mughals and the Quraysh. The region is full of historic buildings and lush green mountains and streams.

If you want to visit the Northern Territories, first of all keep in mind while planning because Naran Kagan is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in the world and you need to enjoy it. Yato should seek services from a good travel company or you should have all the items yourself such as warm clothes and closed shoes and also Madison etc. because the weather there is cool and pleasant and there you can go upstairs to sleep or It is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Naran Kaghan Tourist Places in Pakistan and Naran Kaghan Tourist Places kpk

Naran Kaghan is a paradise for tourists and one of the main reasons why tourists come here is that the weather is cool in summer and people come to see these places because of the beautiful weather and natural beauty. There are so many places that you can’t even imagine how beautiful Pakistan is and how many beautiful places Allah Almighty has blessed it with and especially Kalam is also called paradise and besides a The new location is Kumrat Valley and Murree Galyat is remarkable if you think so Wherever you go then you have not seen Hunza yet and especially Shangrila Resort  which has been given the name of a resort and apart from that there is Dosai field and much more to see in Pakistan but to eat and drink in Naran. Things are relatively expensive. So try to get some food and drink from home.

The romantic story of Lake Saif al-Muluk

Lake Saif al-Muluk is famous not only for its beauty but also for its romance. According to this story, the love of a human being named Saif-ul-Muluk and a fairy named Badi-ul-Jamal had grown up in this place. Lake Saif al-Muluk covers an area of ​​about three square kilometers and is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. It has a maximum depth of 113 feet and an average depth of 50 feet.

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