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The Naran Kaghan Valley is historically very old and is famous for its British colonial history in the Naran Valley of KPK. From the Stone Age to the present day, the region has been inhabited by many castes like Swati Awan Kashmiri and Mughals and Quraysh. Naran Kaghan Geography – Friends Travel

The region is rich in historical buildings and monuments. There are Buddhist temples and stupas, monuments of the Islamic period, Hindu monasteries, Hindu monasteries and its buildings.

There are also many legends and archeological tombs and various legendary buildings which are famous for their historical background. Naran Kaghan History & Geography – Friends Travel

These valleys of KPK are taken for a tour of their historical sites during a visit to Naran. Nowadays, Naran Kaghan has become a major tourist destination Naran Kaghan and there are many beautiful places to visit. It does not. It is very lively and lively here in summer.

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