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Lalazar is also called the land of charming and fragrant flowers. It is one of the most beautiful places located at a distance of 18 km from Naran. You can reach Lalazar after an hour long journey by jeep to reach here and the journey by jeep is very dangerous and Lalazar Road in Naran Kagan is also called the deadliest road and its second The river Kanhar flows towards it and it is located so high. Step by step on Lalazar you are greeted by new kinds of fragrant flowers and plants which relieves the fatigue of the journey. A beautiful waterfall on the way to Lalazar.

You get to see the beautiful scenery. Lalazar also has food and beverage facilities and a rest house for accommodation. The real enjoyment of tourism here comes in the months of June and July when colorful butterflies hover over the green carpets and beautiful flowers. Are And in the skies of the most beautiful place Lalazar are often seen flying. naran Kaghan Tourist Places

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