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Hunza Valley Tour

Hunza Valley Tour is one of the most popular tours in the world if you want to do it. It is located in the very northern regions of Pakistan. As it acknowledges, it is an injustice to its culture. In terms of such friendship and hospitality, the world, Peshawar, Urdu, from all over the world, not thousands but millions of people visit here every year. These little ones are small and the other is this and the parties can be clearly seen from any place. Hunza Valley and beautiful  Lahore is a beautiful feeling.  You will experience beautiful lakes, large mountains, unique flying to Reich architecture, wildlife. I mention that there are places in Gaza that are worth seeing in which I will mention something, but I will tell you about the Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley Tour 2022

How many Buddhist archaeological sites are still alive today? From the time of Hamza, who says buy, there is a place for all the lamps. The valleys were a name of the trade chain from Central Asia to the debate. I played a key role. Before the arrival of Gaza, Buddhists were still in the majority and after that they had converted to Islam. Let me talk to you. Hunza was formerly an autonomous region of northeastern China, a child state adjacent to the northwest that got rid of them, and later when either it was sexual and Meet the former states of Mushrik Nagar and let me tell you that there are a lot of test companies that people now enjoy and can easily guess that the journey from Naran Kagan is about 10 to 12 hours. The prisons will have them and the accommodation and food there is very well known and the surrounding mountains and Surat Road and C-Pack Road are your example. If you haven’t been religious then it means you haven’t gone anywhere. It is a memorable trip in many cases and my one is that you must visit the cat once. It is called a paradise valley and the weather here in the car is very delicious and very individual. we offer a free tour at Hunza Valley Tour in pakistan by friends travel ,Tourist Places in Honza

Hunza Valley is located in Karakoram of Pakistan where about two and a half million domestic tourists visited this region in the year 2018 and now a large number of tourists from all over the world come to Pakistan in Hunza Valley and our Hunza Valley in Hunza Valley is a very beautiful place. You can see our schedule below for visiting Hunza Valley
Now the northern region of Pakistan. All seasons are considered good for sightseeing in India and keeping in view the flow of tourists and the demand for visiting the Hunza Valley. We provide you with complete information about Hunza Valley tours as well as facilities for their sightseeing and here are some of the expenses that come with visiting Hunza in summer season.
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Hunza Tour Packages 2022

Hunza Tour Packages No. of Days / Nights Price
Hunza Valley Deluxe Tour 7 Days / 6 Nights Staring From 145,000 PKR
Hunza Valley Standard Tour 7 Days / 6 Nights Staring From 110,000 PKR
Hunza Naran 10 Days Tour 10 Days / 9 Nights Staring From 185000 PKR
Hunza By Air Tour Starting From 165,000 PKR

Hunza Valley Tourist Places

1 # Rakaposhi Peak

Rakaposhi Peak

2 # Karimabad


3 # Altit Fort

Altit Fort


4 # Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort

5 # Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake

6 # Rush Lake

Rush Lake

7 # Sost Border

Sost Border


8 # Submit Gulmit

Submit Gulmit

9 # Borith Lake

Borith Lake

10 # Eagle Nest Duiker

Tourist Places in Honza Hunza Valley tour packages from Karachi

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