Gabin Jabba – Swat Valley – Top Tourist Point – 2023

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Gabin Jabba, also known as the piece of paradise, is located at a distance of about 65 km from Mingora and the Swat Valley, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, is a lush green field with lush green meadows and Snow-capped mountains you can see on all sides and springs whose cold water irrigates you and the height of Gabin Jabba is about 2582 meters and 8471 feet.

Bees are found in this area. This place has become a new tourist destination for tourists and there are also rooms for tourists by the government and green grass everywhere. You can enjoy a beautiful cooling. Give

How to get to Gibbon Jabba from Mingora

The Swat Motorway is used to reach Mingora in Swat and you have two routes from Mingora to Gabin Jabba. One route from Mangor and Khawaja Khel is one hour and ten minutes away from Bagh Dehri Road and then it takes about fifty minutes from Bagh Dairy Road to Lalko Road to reach Gibbon Jabba.

And Lalko Village Gabin Jabba Gateway Travel to Gabin Jabba is possible through its gateway village Lalko via Pluck transport or private fare or private transport and Lalko village is a place where there is no transport and more from Lalko village to Gabin Jabba. The journey is about 3 kilometers and you can travel by suitable jeep or you can choose to enjoy hiking. This information has been given to you by Friend Travel. Mahodand Lake Swat 

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