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Fairy Meadows

The Fairy Meadows is also called the desk space which was named by the German nations to be called Ferry Meadows. A very good juice for the people. After 1995, the government of Pakistan named Ferry Meadows as a national park. It has become very beautiful. This is a Karakoram highway starting from tomorrow and reaches the village then the dangerous and narrow Berry hill is localized so who can you be there so that the most relevant and dirty road to reach the farmhouse it has been declared. For that you have to walk five kilometers in which your four  It takes five hours for the field to be located in the valley of Kute and why dar1 rises from the Naga mountain and goes to the river. Fairy Meadows takes at least five days to visit your picture site. It also has the location of the second highest peak called Nangaparbat. It is also a fact that many of the world’s most difficult peaks. They have been killed by all the thieves because of its environment and its name. If you remember the name of the peak Nanga Parbat, if you want to visit it, you can do it only in summer. It is difficult to get here from here, people come here in summer They camp and stay here for three to four days. Nangaparbat is the only 8000 meter god in the world which has such a dense forest that wherever you look you can see lions on one side of the nose. How many trees is there if you start cutting down trees? To spend twenty-one years of knowledge, you must come or one of them must come. The noise of flowing water will give you a glimpse. The ones you spend the night shooting at the bottom of your models A place has been made for a friend where people die. Fairy Meadows best tourist places in Pakistan.

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