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Fairy Meadows



These are the words of the famous Scottish mountaineer, geologist and author John Moore. If you ask me, surely this condition can affect anyone. From living in the foothills of Margalla to regularly visiting the Jhelum River, every few months, one or the other of the mountains calls me and I have to go, bowing to the voice of my beloved. Fairy Meadows National Park – Nanga Parbat Base Camp – Friends Travel

The call from the fairyland ferry Meadows had come a long time ago, but where is it so easy to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. Tales of fairy tales read in childhood stories of age and age have always been present in a closed corner of the mind. Returning to these colorful childhood dreams, once entered the real world, is one of the impossibilities, but sometimes they do open the closed windows of the mind in the form of fairy tales. Islamabad to Fairy Meadows

Ferry Meadows is located at an average altitude of 3300 meters above sea level. Raikot is located 540 km from Islamabad on the Karakoram Highway, where the paved road ends and then from there a hired jeep takes you to a village called Tatu in about one and a half to two hours.

It is very hot in Raikot in summer. The rocky mountains and the sands of the Indus River were showing their proximity to the sun with their warmth. After boarding the jeep, a long series of extreme climbs from Raikot accompanies you. At great depths from the river Raikot in the depths of the Tutu again and again.

This track is a rocky path between thousands of feet high mountains. Dangerous mountains of high and dangerous type touching the sky on the right side, on the left side of the storm channel flows thousands of feet deep and on the other side of the canal then a series of high and high mountains run side by side. Ancient four-wheeled jeep ascends to the sky, shaking the hearts of the passengers who are hesitating on the rocks.

When you reach a little height, the view below looks like a movie scene that was filmed moments after a catastrophe and the set has been saved anyway. A large field and small and large rocks were lying randomly, or in their order. It looked like a satellite image of another planet.

The jeep track goes to Tatoo village, from where the journey has to be done on foot or horse or mule can be hired from the village. If you have more luggage, you can arrange a porter from Tatoo village which will help make your journey easier. When he got out of the jeep, Rozi Bhai was going to Ferry Meadows.

The Rosie brothers claim to be 55 years old, and live in the village of Ferry Meadows with 13 children and a wife. Along with the blessings of Hajj, he has also climbed 4 local peaks, so powerful in this part of his life that he even pulled a number of slaves with a weight of 20 kg.

From Tutu to Ferry Meadows begins a continuous climbing trek. Because of the high altitude, many people find the trek difficult. I would ask such people to imagine the sights that come after such minor difficulties, such an idea will give you encouragement while walking in this journey. This trek takes you to your destination in two to four hours but for a person younger and fresher than me this duration becomes even shorter.

Dense jungle accompanies you on this track. The scenery I was talking about above, you started seeing in the form of Nanga Parbat and you feel like walking is cash.

After about two kilometers you will see a dhaba whose tea you will find the most delicious in the world. As we climbed up, the weather was showing its colors. Instead of bright sunshine, deep clouds surrounded the surrounding mountains and light rain made the weather very romantic. The light soon disappeared because of the clouds, and by the time we reached Ferry Meadows, it was already four hundred feet dark.

Where the temperature of Chilas is 38 and that of Ferry Meadows is zero. One was extreme fatigue and the other was such a cold night, sleep had to prevail. When Sadiq opened his eyes in the morning, the view of Nanga Parbat from the window was offering a view of another world. Although the light was dim, the glow of the killer mountain was still there.

The interesting thing was that the killer Hasina was wearing a white sheet of snow but this joy and scene proved to be temporary and the clouds once again enveloped the mountains. It is this performance of Nanga Parbat that makes her a bride, many people sit in the ferry meadows to see her.

The 8125 meter high Nanga Parbat is the second highest peak in Pakistan and the ninth highest in the world. It is also a fact that it is the hardest peak in the world, which is why forty climbers have died, hence it is known as ‘Klar Mountain’ or ‘Killer Mountain’. In addition, it is locally called Diamer and the surrounding area is also known by the same name. Finding out the reason for the name of Nanga Parbat, it was found that the very absence of snow on the surface of this peak at high altitude gives it this name.

The Bial camp track was very slippery due to rain. After a couple of places it felt like we could be part of the Raikot Glacier below, we decided to take a new risk and leave the track and go to the Bial forest trail. Went to the camp. Fairy Meadows track

In the forest there are many kinds of beautiful trees, greenery, flowers, waterfalls and springs and the beautiful birds singing in a very sarcastic voice give new life to the soul.

Nanga Parbat is the only mountain in the world with a height of more than 8000 meters at the foot of which is such a dense forest of pine. (The total number of peaks above 8,000 meters is 14, five of which are in Pakistan). All such peaks in the world are surrounded by glaciers and glacial peaks, while on one side of Nanga Parbat is the charming plain of Deosai and on the other side is such a dense forest in Ferry Meadows.

But as we advanced, the mountains of wonder fell, and one in five trees was cut down. After seeing so many felled trees, I was convinced that this forest would not be here after a few years. Leo Tolstoy writes in one place that the first condition for living a happy life is that the bond between man and nature should not be broken, but we as a nation do not like to think about such things.

Bial Camp looks like a beautiful wide green field. A clear stream is flowing in the middle of the field. On the right side of the river there were high and lush green mountains and on the left side there were many kinds of trees up to the heights. The noise of the flowing water was making the beauty of this beautiful valley even more enchanting. There were dozens of hits, but we didn’t see any souls – probably nobody expected to come this season. After some time we headed back to Ferry Meadows. Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

In the rain we descended from the ferry meadows to Raikot but my heart is still on the wooden bench of the ferry meadows from where the Nanga Parbat can be seen open with all its angles, but even after reaching there Missed to see the beauty of, or maybe Nanga Parbat wanted to invite me to this beautiful paradise for the second time. Fairy Meadows National Park – Nanga Parbat Base Camp – Friends Travel

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