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England Travel Guide

England Travel Guide – England is an interesting and historic country and at every turn you will find a new history. And on both sides of the country are historic colleges and ancient sites and old royal palaces that are still in use today. But there is still much more to England than just its history, and there are so many great cultural institutions and things to enjoy.

In the heart of England, the city of London is home to the royal family and Parliament, and there are historic streets and many attractions for tourists to visit.

There are places like Big Ben and Palace and Trafalgar Square and Westminster and Tower of London which are considered as special historical places and there is a lot to see and do here and these are all world famous institutions which I include some of the finest collections in England and you can see a lot here Couldn’t say anything. England Travel Guide

Things Not to Miss in England

Don’t restrict your England travel plans to London – England’s other cities offer a number of popular tourist destinations, including:

• The Royal Pavilion in Brighton
• The City of Caves in Nottingham
• The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester
• John Lennon’s home in Liverpool (a must for Beatles fans)
• Ferry boats in Bristol

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