Chitral Tour & Chitral Tourist Places in Pakistan

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Chitral is located 340 km from Islamabad and takes about seven to eight hours to reach and is delayed and more people are killed. They reach Chitral Tour three more hours later at Lori Top and at the confluence of Bamburit from Chitral Tour. The city of Chitral is now Chitral. Since 1995, there have been many attractions in Chitral under Manu. Fort Polo Ground, Kohat and Chitral, etc. If you want to visit Chitral, it is very good. The cultural experience is also very good. Our company Bat Worker comes. If you want to go to Kahlash Valley or Chitral Valley, you have a very attractive place. Is a four day tour in which you will be taken on a tour of different places. The Kahlash Valley is of great importance. Different if you want to know then you must visit Chitral Tour then kalash valley tour that one of the places comes in terms of store and it is a mountain range. People have a way of life and they have their own culture. Chitral Tourist Places in Pakistan

1 # Tirich Mir

Tirich Mir

2 # Chitral Museum

Chitral Museum

3 # Shahi Masjid

Shahi Masjid Chitral

4 # Shahi Qila

Shahi Qila

5 # Gram Chashma

Gram Chashma

7 # Ayun Valley

Ayun Valley

8 # Shandur Polo Ground

Shandur Polo Ground

9 # Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley

10 # Koghazi and Goleen
Koghazi and Goleen

in north western region of Pakistan a beautiful & ravishing chitral valley. one of the major tourist palaces in Pakistan and secanic beauty & amazing culture. get best places visit to chitral valley located in KPK additionally in the west of kanhar river . this valley is very very beautiful in chitral valley tour.

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