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Best Time to Visit Dubai

Best Time to Visit Dubai – If you want to visit the big and attractive places of Dubai like shopping in shopping malls and want to have fun then let me tell you one thing that it is very hot in the summer months due to which It’s easy to shop everywhere, but it’s hard to get around.

Most people like to come here only between the months of October and May, when the heat is reduced and the city life is able to move around a lot in cold weather.

While you will enjoy the cool weather after spending time in public places like malls and outings, it is quite cold here till December and February and you can walk around easily in the evenings. Inside the light T-shirt. So far, the best time to visit Dubai has been between November and March, and here even the cold of winter has its own flavor and life in Dubai returns.

From November to March, if you want to ride a camel or a camel, you can go to the desert, and if you want to visit Dubai on foot, you have your own pleasure.

Remember that it rains heavily in the months of February and March and there are plenty of sunny and sunny days in winter which makes you double. Best Time to Visit Dubai by Friends Travel information

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