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Dubai is green everywhere and there is a lot of activity on every side of the city, big and small. Death is used everywhere during the day but in the dark the temperature drops here due to which the locals are here and turn to the parks. These days are the busiest parks from October to April. Are counted in and they make this group stand on weekends Has been and is open with a small entrance fee between Dubai and five weather as it has an entry fee of three to five days and there is a huge tourist point in the literary world and through it you can get around here by train. Also you can get a taxi. You can take a walk in a park. Amen. Mention it below will do, Best Parks in Dubai · 1. Zabeel Park · 2. Safa Park · 3. Creek Park · 4. Mushrif Park · 5. Burj Park · 6. Dubai Miracle Garden .

1 # Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park

Zamal Park is an urban and public park located between Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Rashid Road to the north and Sheikh Tazaid Road to the northwest and it is known for its beauty and The special thing is that here it is mostly considered as a tourist action favorite or in addition to the local family, there are many if any breaks in the season of patience and while it is one of the top ten sports days in B In addition to all kinds of food, a good platform has been made for a woman to sit. In terms of Dubai form, it has its own status as it is one of the best. The special thing about this is that The view is very beautiful

2. Safa Park

Safa Park

Safa Park is a park which is about ten kilometers away from the traditional center along the Dubai-Swat road and the benefits of the peaks. Its border is located in the southwest. Gaya and its inhabitants were settled by legal immigrants and lived in temporary houses without water and the Dubai government designed it to be an attractive resting place and actress point for the people and this Dubai Is one of the top ten in the world and has found a great artist, especially for those who live in  all kinds of facilities, as well as for those who come from all over the world.

3 # Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park  is considered one of the best parks in Dubai and the reason for its popularity is that Mushrif Park is for people of all ages and there are different things here. Which eye is equally popular here? While there is not much change can be seen. One of the best fruits in Dubai is speed. I see all the activities. There are educational and recreational facilities on it which is very good only for those who have their. It’s time to go for a walk. People who come from all over the world and are interested in exhibiting houses and now you can observe it. You will see all kinds of colors in it, so it would not be wrong to say. There is nothing less than reality beyond me, Mushrif Park

4 # Burj Park

Burj Park

Burj Park  is a small island located mainly inside the King of Dubai. It is well designed for all kinds of examples, events and exhibitions. It includes four years of food from all kinds. It is the largest. Just a short walk from the shopping center and the sick, and the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is lovely when you talk about it. Especially interesting to see the trees that are standing to go but given the facilities that made its environment very spectacular and beautiful. Burj Park dubai

5 # Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is a flower garden in Dubai which is located in the district of Dubai Two UAE And it has been planted with more than fifty million plants and it is very beautifully decorated by the government in Dubai and the number of hosts here is very high because people come here because of the flowers in it and the number five class. Miracle Garden is best park in dubai.

6 #  Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park  step to reach the mechanic to bathe in the sun or swim in the belly of knowledge. With which you have a great example and you are in the coastal strip and in addition you also have theaters etc. and a lot of entertainment equipment is provided. If you need breakfast then breakfast is also available. And the present government also offers this whole area. You can eat barbecue in the cold months as well as put it on milk. Plant more than a hundred palm trees in the garden and plant pencil coconut trees. Your example is yours.

7 # Umm Suqeim Park

Umm Suqeim Park

Umm Suqeim Park designed especially for children and women if you want to spend some time or less weather in a nice place greenery all around is one of the most beautiful mosques or looking the most peaceful in Dubai or There are small but cozy spaces and this post is a sandbox sent to Dubai about what you want to be for a while and is full equipment with swings for children to play and children should spend time apart There are recipes. If you want us, you can speed up our website. Also, if you want to see the point of effort from the father of the Prophet, you can visit our website. best and top parks in dubai, Tourist Attraction in Dubai

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