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Every picnic station of this country is very beautiful Even the one who comes here loves from everyplace and The Eiffel Tower, famous for its museums and delicacies, fulfills France’s dream of a history, culture and elegant holiday. As if that’s not enough, hundreds of beaches meet the glistening Mediterranean, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. No doubt you have heard of the French Riviera, which is celebrated around the world for its glamor, glamor and incredible beauty. Best Beaches in France

However, if you prefer to get out of the tourist trail, you’ll find hidden caves, sleepy villages and deserted sand dunes to enjoy the serenity of your baguette. France’s finest beaches stretch from wild dunes in the north to dramatic scenery along the west coast and vibes of the southern Mediterranean. How would you choose?

Here’s a guide available to finding the perfect piece of French delight waiting for you.
Best Beaches in France Map Top 5 beaches in France

Map available on this site.

The most beautiful beaches in France you can be found of through this site. Best beaches in northern France Rising chalk cliffs, thrilling waves for surfers and family-friendly havens feature the best beaches in northern France. Take a trip to France and Relax in the charming beach resorts and explore the historic coastal towns.

1 # Etretat Beach

Etretat Beach

Normandy is a coastline of France stretching for more than 600 km. The white chalk rocks dominate the impressive landscapes of ETRETAT, which have been popularized on canvas by impressionist artists. Just a two-hour drive from Paris, this beautiful beach town is a favorite weekend getaway.

Encourage your inner artist and paint natural rock shapes like the Port de Evil Arch. Above the cliffs, the JARDINS D’ETRETAT is a marvel of landscape where works of art meet with rooftop gardens and clear sea views. Trapped among the rocks, ETRETAT Beach hosts a beautiful voyage along the emerald waters, creating a beautiful setting for post-swimming parties.

2 # Deauville Beach

Deauville Beach france

Colorful umbrellas adorn the soft, golden sands of Dave Well, one of Normandy’s finest beaches. Along the walk, the beach cabins named after actors and directors reflect the star-filled events of the resort, including the American Film Festival. To fulfill the charming appeal, wait to enjoy the grand hotels, galleries, chic boutiques of the old world and the beautiful golf courses around.

Head to Deauville International Polo Club for a season featuring some of the world’s leading players. After a leisurely day at the beach and relaxing at the Deville Yacht Club, spend the night at the magnificent Casino BARRIERE de Deauville.

3 #Plage de Boutrouilles

Plage de Boutrouilles

For spectacular views of the wild dunes and rock formations, take a break on the beach near the shores of PLAGE de BOUTROUILLES. In front of the coastal area of KERLOUAN, the shiny white sand contrasts with the sparkling sea as you stroll through the large granite rocks that take in the view.

After a stroll through the wild on the beach, discover KERLOUAN’S countryside delights. The 17th-century Coast Guard cottage and handicraft shops are on the sandy meadows in the village of MEMHAM. Strange fishermen’s houses rest among the rocks that rise from the strange roofs.
This scene is very pleasing for eyes.

4 # Pointe de Saint-Hernot

Pointe de Saint-Hernot

CRUZE Peninsula hosts hidden caves and rugged landscapes that highlight some of Britney’s best beaches. Settle in the seaside town of MORGAT to explore the rugged cliffs and pine trees around the amazing sandy part of Pointe de Saint-HERNOT. It is a hiking paradise, with the coastal route revolving around Cap de la CHEVRE, the southernmost point of the peninsula.

Take a kayak tour to explore the ocean caves or take a boat trip for photogenic coastal views. A short distance away, you’ll find the town of CRUZEN and the charming harbor of Kemart. More adventures await off the sands, where mountain bike paths and rock climbing opportunities abound.

5 # Plage de Saint-Nicolas

Plage de Saint-Nicolas

Take a ferry from the coastal cities of FINISTERE to the Glen Islands and some of the most beautiful beaches in France. St. Nicholas is the main island and nature reserve, famous for the area’s beautiful white flower Glenn Nargis. There is a beautiful lack of buildings, with only a cafe and a famous diving school.
Take a leisurely stroll on the bright white sands of PLAGE de L’iLE Saint-Nicolas and swim in the turquoise seas that are compared to the beach-loving Caribbean. Take a boat trip to explore nearby, uninhabited islands and walk across a strip of sand at low tide to BANNIK. Glenn Islands are accessible during spring and summer, so check the dates before arranging your trip.

6 #Plage Les Grands Sables

Plage Les Grands Sables

If you are searching for romantic beach destinations in France, plan a trip to Brittany’s second largest island. GROIX is home to the PLAGE des GRANDS Sables, one of the only convex beaches in Europe. A large portion of the fine white sand falls into the crystal clear sea, and despite being the island’s most famous beach, it retains a wild attraction.

Take the ferry from Laurent to downtown Port Todi. Afterwards, rent bikes for cycling on 40km almost routes to explore ancient sites, high cliff views and hidden caves. To learn more about the island’s history, wildlife and everyday life, visit the Eco Museum.

7 # Plage de Donnant

Plage de Donnant

Situated on the beautiful island of Belle-l-N-MER, the PALAIS du DONAT is one of the most famous surf beaches in France, with beautiful sand cliffs behind it. It is a short drive from SAUZON, a harbor town full of pastel-colored fishing houses and narrow alleys for a relaxing afternoon walk. Best beaches in Europe

Here, in this 19th-century sardine fishing center, a bustling marina combines artisan stores and restaurants to create a charming holiday atmosphere. Visit the POULAINS Lighthouse, built in 1867almost and featuring art. Nearby, you’ll find a museum of the former vacation house and eccentric actress Sarah Bernhard. Best Beaches in France Top Tourist Attractions in France Best Beaches on the side of West Coast of France.
If you are looking for the best beaches in western France, you are right to choose! The waves of the Atlantic swell on the golden shores of the beautiful French coastal these cities.

8 # Plage de la Conche des Baleines

Plage de la Conche des Baleines

Finding Sandy Beach in France is easy when you spend your vacation on Ile de Re . With a long stretch of sand with the help of pine forests and natural dunes, La Conch des Balance is one of the most beautiful on the island. About three kilometers away, you’ll find great surf breaks , nature resorts and lots of secluded places to park your towel all day.

To discover more, you can rent a motorbike and ride around the charming countryside, flower fields and nature reserves full of birds. When you feel hungry you can also enjoy the delicious seafood of the island. Don’t miss the local oysters and mussels with white wine.

9 #Lacanau

Lacanau Ocean Beach, Lacanau

If you are Looking for the nearest coast to Bordeaux? LACANAU Beach is one of them and it provides about 15 km almost of white sand. There is not much you can do here on a beach vacation. Popular activities include surfing, windsurfing and dining with sparkling sea views.

If you visit in August, you will see the world’s top surfers in the LACANAU Pro Surf competition. Off the coast, this cozy coastal town offers a pedestrian street full of cafes, bars and beautiful shops to take home. You can must take advantage of a tranquil lake for bike trails and kayaking through the pine forests.

10 # Dune of Pilat

Dune of Pilat

If you’re wondering where to go in France for a beach vacation amidst the natural wonders, head to ARCACHON Bay. The Dune du PILAT is a movable hill that is more than 100 meters high and extends for many kilometers along the coast. In fact, it is the tallest sand dune in Europe.

After climbing the stairs, you get a view of the blue sea with the deep green contrast of the pine forests on the other side. To get here, catch the train from Bordeaux, then take the bus to the designated stop. And, yes, if you want to roll the dunes on a board or slide down, you can very easily!

11 # Biscarrosse


BISCARROSSE PLAGE , one of the best beaches in Equatorial Guinea, is the place for a ready-made summer party. The golden sand and barrel waves join the purposeful vacation spots in the pine forests, yoga retreats and surf camps. You will swim with the crowds in the lifeguard-supervised sections, however, you do not have to wander far to find a piece of sand for yourself.

The fun of water doesn’t stop at the beach either, with two lakes nearby sailing, windsurfing and water skiing begin. The town of BISCARROSSE is a short distance from the beach. You can see history in the Church of St. Martin and the 14th-century MONTBOURNE Castle.

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