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Top 10 Attractions Points in Interlaken When any tourist go any place for vacations and see the beauty of this country then he search a beauty scenery and beautiful places. every person searching unique and best place because he spent there good and memorable time. i am trying to wrote best Interlaken attraction points and in this places you not seen before. first of all i’m listed some points where you go and enjoy good time. Attractions Points in Interlaken

1 # Harder Kulm.

The Interlaken and Harder both lakes from are spectacular. From the Are Nouveau Panorama Restaurant at its top views of the Jungfrau area, Interlaken, and the lakes You can return along forest paths,there is a memorial to the composers Mendelssohn, Wagner, and Weber.

2 # Hohematte Park.

the area of this park 14 hectares in the heart of Interlaken that belonged to the Augustinian convent was acquired in 1860 by a group of aproxmatly 35 hotel owners and private people to be left as an open place for this park. Hoheweg a place and its length runs the Hoheweg, a splendid avenue between the east and west rail stations that affords a magnificent view of the Jungfrau, surrounded by hotels and flower-beds. and second place is kursaal, with a theater and a cafe and beautiful gardens with a flower clock, there many hotels, including the 150-year-old Victoria Jungfrau Hotel, itself a local landmark. Attractions Points in Interlaken Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

3 # Elevation Gain: Almost 361-ft.

Take the Firstbahn gondola from Grindelwald (3,393-ft.) to First (7,109-ft.), situated atop a minor summit on the north side of the valley. there is a features a popular restaurant with a sun terrace and a Cliff Walk. the First summit that leads to a 150-ft. there is a long viewing platform with panoramic views of the 4,000-meter of this vellay.

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