Attabad lake – Hunza – Hunza river was obstructed

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Attabad lake

Lake Ataabad, accidentally created in Pakistan’s most beautiful Hunza Valley, has become one of the favorite tourist destinations. That is why a large number of tourists are camping around this paradise.

Ataabad Lake, located 120 km from Gilgit in Gojal Valley, is extremely popular for its blue, clear and fresh water, while the surrounding high peaks add to its beauty. To the viewer, this scene is no less than a paradise. Attabad tunnel

Those who come here count themselves lucky because it is not so easy to reach this unique and unique lake.

It takes many hours of dangerous and arduous distance to reach here and then you can reach your destination by going somewhere.

The history of Attaabad Lake is not very old. In 2011 Ataabad Lake came into existence as a result of a natural disaster. The village suffered a terrible landslide which stopped the flow of the river Hunza for about four months and this unfortunate village turned into a big lake in paksitan

Initially not only did the locals face difficulties but also the Karakoram Highway was affected due to which the road traffic to Khanjrab Pass was also affected but now this lake has become an excellent tourist destination.

It is counted among the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan. It attracts tourists because of its blue color but its special thing is that its color is not always blue but changes with the seasons due to which the reflection of the sky completely dominates it. Have to live

This lake also changes its color depending on the weather. If there are dark clouds in the sky then the color of the lake becomes the same. Attabad Lake Resort

Tourists come here not only to see the lake but also to enjoy the boat ride from one side of the lake to the other. It takes at least an hour to cross it and in this one hour there is ample opportunity to enjoy the scenery spread around the lake while the high mountains on both sides of the water offer a view of a unique world. There are.

This lake is not like a straight road but it has many turns and at each turn a different and beautiful scene awaits you while behind it there is a mysterious silence which is also fun to feel. Is.

Reaching the middle of the lake, it feels as if there is peace everywhere.

The lake covers an area of ​​nine kilometers, while the Ataabad Tunnel, a great masterpiece of Chinese architecture, adds to its importance as tourists take a keen interest in the mountain chest tunnel along the lake. Built years ago.

Summer is the best time to visit, as winter cold and snow not only close the roads but also freeze .

The lake lovers come here every year and enjoy the natural beauty. Visitors say that those who have not seen this beautiful sight have not seen anything in Pakistan, at least once tourists visit this lake. Must see. Attabad lake – Hunza – Hunza river was obstructed Attabad Lake history Hunza to Attabad Lake distance 30.4 km

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